The Awareness Foundation for OCD Welcomes Your Support

Like many grass-roots foundations, The Awareness Foundation for OCD and Related Disorders (AFOCD) needs your financial support to keep our educational programs for children and adults challenged by OCD ongoing.

AFOCD is a non-profit 501c3 charitable educational foundation dedicated to educating the public about OCD symptoms and treatments, and to providing national and international referrals and resources for recovery. Since 1997 we have received thousands of emails and phone calls all looking for support, guidance and simply a compassionate person to talk to. Our presentations at conferences, schools, educational venues andMansky260 community events have helped educate and motivate audiences to start the healing process. AFOCD films have crossed the US and even the world, educating audiences of all ages about OCD, always promoting the theme of hope.

All of these educational programs take funding. We ask for your support though a tax deductible donation to our foundation in any amount.

You will be helping us make of difference in the lives of those struggling with one of the top ten most disabling illnesses in terms of lost income and diminished quality of life - OCD.

Please donate now by PayPal (press the Donate button in side bar) or send a check payable to AFOCD:

P.O. Box 1795
Soquel, CA 95073

Thank you for your generosity,
James Callner MA
President, AFOCD