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F.E.A.R = False. Evidence. Appearing. Real

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Why has CBT/ERP worked for me and what is F. E.A.R. really?  Girl Scared 000000189580 Small

I believe it shifted and literally changed my brain structure and chemistry for the better by changing my distorted belief system caused by the medical condition of OCD. Sounds smart doesnt it? But, the proof I found was in my willingness to try it and to witness firsthand that it worked for me. Clearly, if it worked for me, it can and does work for others! In fact, its been the strongest way Ive found to break my OCD patterns.

Heres the example I recently went though while writing this book.

My triggers were pulled again from the stress, loss and grief of my mothers passing. That was the obvious analysis my therapists came to, along with my own thoughts of the passing of my last parent.

I never imagined the symptoms would come back this strong and so unrelenting, but they did. ... READ MORE