Awareness Films About OCD, Help & Hope

Awareness Films was started by writer/director James Callner in the early eighties. It is now a perfect fit for AFOCD. Our films are educationalJimdirect260 with a dramatic edge that will make you cry-happy. We have found that the quickest way to opening your heart to educate your mind is through the medium of film. In addition, we take our films on the lecture circuit, showing the film followed by an educational presentation about OCD and related disorders.

The American Psychiatric Association, The International Health and Medical Film Festival, The United States International Film Festival, The National Educational Film Festival and many others have honored us. We are always grateful and amazed at the recognition we receive.

Our films are distributed to schools, television, associations, therapists, health care providers, and to you. 

Also, we want you to know we can make a film for you or your organization. It takes some patience and assertive funding and/or granting efforts to make any length film, but the impact can last years and years. Please contact us if you want to collaborate with us in financing and creating a film or video for your needs.

In the Shoes of Christopher

The Touching Tree

Hope and Solutions for OCD

The Risk

All of the movies are available from this website - you can choose to pay with a credit card using PayPal, or download the order form and mail us a check.