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OCD Foundation
What is OCD?
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Intensive Treatment Programs:

Anxiety Disorder Association of America

Stanford School of Medicine: Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders

OCD Center of Los Angeles (live and telephone cognitive behavioral therapy)

Suggested OCD Resources

OCD Education Station This site is a unique resource designed to educate school personnel on how to identify and assist students who may have symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive disorder (OCD). The web site is designed to provide relevant and detailed information about OCD to all school personnel, including regular and special educators, school psychologists, social workers, counselors, nurses, administrators, and paraprofessionals. Educators are in a unique position to intervene when they observe symptoms of OCD at school and need information to enable them to do so. The OCD Education Station is also an essential tool for parents working with school personnel on managing their child’s OCD.

Obsessive Compulsive Anonymous

Tourettes Syndrome Association

Trichotillomania Learning Center

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

Mindful Awareness Research Center at UCLA