OCD Education Testimonials

"The Awareness Foundation speakers provide audiences with helpful information about the nature and treatments of obsessive –compulsiveWaterdrop260 disorder, the fourth most common mental disorder in the US. Using artful films, personal experiences and a touch of humor the speakers communicate most effectively." - Lorrin Koran M.D. Professor of Psychiatry, Stanford University OCD Research Clinic, Stanford, CA

His presentations gave our members tremendous encouragement and hope because his words come from his own experience and survival” - Anxiety Disorder Association of America -

“….a talented filmmaker and magnetic speaker. He knows his subject on a personal level and draws the audience into the adventures of the heart.” - Kaiser Hospital, Director Anxiety Disorder Treatment Program

“…an excellent job in presenting to our members an educational experience that they will long remember. We thank him for improving the skills of our members for the care of California’s school children.” - California School Nurses Organization -

“…James Callner’s film and lecture will be important to my work with anxiety and panic…for he emphasizes the issues of unconditional love, acceptance and hope.” - Stanford University Medical Center -Chief Resident/ Child Psychiatry –

"Everyone went away from the in-service feeling that we gained valuable insight about OCD that could be put into practice with our staff." - Sangamon Area Special Education District, Springfield, IL

"The presenter spoke eloquently about the disease and the influence it has on families including interventions and treatments. - California Association of Marriage and Family Therapist Santa Clara, CA

"Speakers of the Awareness Foundation for OCD & Related Disorders have the unique ability to express their life experiences with OCD and Anxiety/Panic disorders through workshops, seminars and films, I highly recommend these programs to psychologists, therapists, school personnel and health care professionals. Experience can speak volumes for information to the public. The speakers of The Awareness Foundation give us their experience, wisdom, humor and hope." - Philip Kavanaugh M.D Psychiatrist, Author; ‘Magnificent Addiction ‘ and ‘Hope for Healing’

"...Cathy wanted me to let you know how great it was for them to see those films ("The Risk" and "The Touching Tree"). She also asked me to thank you! She was so excited that her son could see another kid, who was close to his age, and going through EXACTLY what he is thinking and feeling. She said that he related to it over and over again. During the cafeteria scene he said (before it ever happened) - "he's only going to be able to drink the milk because nobody else touched it!" Jeremy was diagnosed a couple of years ago and is doing much better with medical treatment and some counseling. But she said that watching your films was HUGE for him and very therapeutic!" - Elizabeth, early childhood educator and actress

"…. This workshop gave me the awareness I need to survive." - Coping with Anxiety Workshop: Attendee

"I just couldn't help but write and thank you for putting your personal words on-line. I have suffered from OCD for a while now, but, recently, I had begun working through the things from which I'd had great fear and I feel that my OCD is lessening in certain areas.

I have found myself "in your words". In fact, I can't believe how you have actually "put my thoughts" down on paper. My journal is filled with like statements about Trusting Myself.

I feel Great Healing Within from your writing and I do believe that "when the student is ready, the teacher doth come"!

Thank You SO much and may you be always Blessed by Your Work and Calling In Life!"
~ Anonymous

"I believe these blogs from Jim Callner's own experience with OCD will help bring hope and understanding, both to those challenged with OCD, and to their families." ~ Hasanna Fletcher, LMFT

"Jim Callners calm, knowledgeable and reassuring style makes the challenge of doing Exposure and Response Prevention for OCD seem not only clear and understandable but also comfortably achievable." ~ Christian R. Komor, Psy.D.