Anxiety Relief Self-Help Tools

We are excited to be able to offer Dr. Don Dufford's powerful relaxation and guided imagery sessions in easily downloadable MP3 files. Jim started using Dr. Duffords sessions several years ago, with wonderful results.

Dr. Dufford's relaxation and guided imagery sessions combine deep hypnotic relaxation with cognitive-behavioral tools and techniques to create and sustain positive change, release emotional stress and physical tension, and create inner peace and calm that carries over throughout the day.

Relax Now! Enjoy A Free Sample

Please enjoy a free sample session: "Introduction to Relaxation" and begin to relax, release stress, get new positive ideas and motivation to take charge of your health and well being. 15 min. Use repeatedly for best results.

"I listened to the sample on the website yesterday. It's just fantastic. I had one of the best nights I've had in months. I'm totally relaxed and more in control. Thank you Dr. Dufford. I'm going to keep using it until I get the CD's I've ordered."

Start Here: Build the Foundation Needed to Overcome Any Anxiety-Related Issues

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Breathing Techniques
Learn simple yet powerful ways to be calm by changing your breathing patterns. Controlling your breath allows you to shift from the sympathetic, fight or flight response-anxiety mode to the parasympathetic, calm and focused part of the autonomic nervous system – anytime, anywhere almost instantaneously. Guided practice plus instructional text. 17 minutes.
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First Step: A Calm and Relaxed Lifestyle
This relaxation/guided imagery session includes deep relaxation training (breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, peaceful place visualization, instant relaxation trigger); cognitive restructuring (thought stopping, positive self talk); suggestions/information for an anxiety free lifestyle (diet, exercise, daily stress reduction, inner motivation) and more. 19 minutes.
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How to Use the Guided Sessions

Most importantly, use every day for best results.

With all relaxation/guided imagery sessions it is best to close your eyes and relax and listen with earphones or headset. Do not use while driving a vehicle or doing something that requires your full attention. Participate with it at a time when you can close your eyes but stay awake to focus on the content of the session to facilitate learning.

Please be aware that these self improvement sessions are intended to augment, not replace therapy with a mental health professional. The content of these recordings do not diagnose, prescribe or treat mental or physical illness. They are for educational purposes only.