Students with OCD - New Book by Dr. Gail Adams

Dr. Gail Adams has been a dedicated and essential member of the AFOCD team from the beginning. She is happy to announce the publishing of her new book, Students with OCD. This book is the definitive resource developed to provide education professionals and parents thePicture 1 comprehensive information they need to help students with OCD receive the education they deserve.

Empowered to better recognize, understand and work with OCD, parents, school personnel, and health professionals become the critical link between obsessive-compulsive disorder and education - allowing bright and promising students to realize their full potential.

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Dr. Adams holds a master's degree in Special Education and a doctorate in Educational Psychology. She has worked extensively in the area of childhood OCD and speaks about the impact of OCD on children and adolescents in the school setting, as well as the role of school personnel in an OCD intervention. Currently, Dr. Adams has an adjunct position as Assistant Professor of Psychology in the Department of Pediatrics, College of Medicine, at the University of Illinois, Chicago. Dr. Adams enables her audiences to learn in a simple, constructive way what OCD is and how educators, health care workers, students, and the general public can gain practical understanding of OCD and related disorders. She has published several articles on OCD and related disorders including her booklet: School Personnel: A Critical Link in the Indentification and Treatment and Management of OCD .